• Ms. Commodore ‘s Grade 3  Supply List 

    $6 (for Time for Kids subscription) 

    Uniform sweater or fleece  


    Pencil case with zipper (no boxes) : 

    · 1 ZIP PENCIL CASE containing AT LEAST: 

    · 1 pack of sharpened pencils 

    · 1 pair of scissors 

    · 2 erasers 

    · 2 glue sticks 

    · 1 yellow highlighter 

    · 1 blue highlighter 

    · 1 green highlighter 

    · 1 pink highlighter 

    · 1 orange highlighter 

    · 2 expo markers 

    · 1 pack of sticky notes 

    Other Supplies needed and will be outside of the pencil case and stored in students’ lockers or class supply buckets. 

    · 1 box of crayons (These can stay in the box if they don’t fit in the pencil case) 

    One box of ten, thin, markers (one for home) and a pack of colored pencils. 

    One extra pack of highlighters containing colors: yellow, orange, green, blue, and pink   

    Two packs of six glue sticks   

    Two dozen, number-two, yellow pencils and a pencil sharpener that hold the pencil shavings. 

    One pack of large, pink erasers   

    Two student scissors (One pair for home)  



    One 5 subject- notebook 

    Two wide-ruled composition notebooks (blue and green marble) 

    Sturdy 2- pocket plastic Folders: 

    · 1 orange two pocket folder- labeled with your child’s name and Social Studies and Science 

    · 1 red two pocket folder- labeled with your child’s name and Reading and Writing 

    · 1 blue two pocket folder- labeled with your child’s name and Math 

    · 1 black folder-labeled with your child’s name and Spelling 

    · 1 folder of your choice-labeled with your child’s name and Homework 

    One pack of post-it notes (four inch squared)  

    One pack of dry erase markers   

    Two reams of white printer paper (eight and a half by eleven inch; standard size)   

    Disinfectant wipes  

    Lysol Spray  

    Hand soap  

    Hand sanitizer  

    Tissue boxes  

    Paper towels  

    Scotch Tape rolls  

    For Art Class: Dozen yellow, number two pencils.  Old, large t-shirt for art.  Baby wipes.  

    For Music Class: Yellow plastic folder (Write “Music,” student name, homeroom teacher name on front)