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Use the interactive map to find historic and cultural American landmarks.

Mr. Johnson’s Class Website


Students often ask “what can I do to improve in class?  This site will help you develop the S.S. skills you need to succeed in life.

How worldly are you?  Prepare for the annual NatGeo Bee with the “National Geographic” GeoBee Challenge.

A guide to interactive, history-based games on the Web.

The most recent data on Earthquakes worldwide: maps, time, date and magnitude. It even has a “ShakeMap!” Feel the Earth rumble?  Report it here!

Amazing weather facts about our home state, arranged by month.  Presented by the CT Department of Environmental Protection.

Social Studies Links

An excellent online map quiz for many different world and U.S. regions.  You’ll be taking some of these quizzes in class!

Social Studies Links

Go ahead.  Type it in, anything you want.  This math/word engine will find word related information on just about anything!

Wolfram|Alpha computational knowledge engine

“Speak Little, Do Much.”  - Benjamin Franklin

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Class Projects and Assignments...

Why do once great civilizations cease to exist?  Take a look at some of history’s greatest civilizations and learn why they collapsed.

Interactive modules developed for students on how the United States Congress works, and your role in the process.

Archaeological evidence could be all around us.  The Archeologists at MVAC explore the upper Mississippi River for clues into our distant past.

Geography:  Quizzes, Games, Research...

There are dozens of map quizzes here to sharpen your worldly skills.

Learn U.S. and World geography! Learn continents, countries, states, capitals, borders, physical features and cultural monuments.

Geographic, Political, Social and Economic data about the countries and territories of the world, brought to you by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Mr. Nussbaum has developed several maps and games to help you master your geography skills.

A great online app for learning geography and just exploring the world.  Can also be downloaded to PC or Mac.

This site is a lot of provides 3D panoramic views and guides of breathtaking locations from around the globe.  Developed by private photographers.

Are you prepared for next natural disaster? presents important tips and strategies for surviving nature when it strikes.


A network of drop-off locations for recycling plastic bags and other hard to recycle items.  Look up the location closest to your home!

Recycling statistics and facts, and a guide to the different types of plastics, metals and glass.  From, October 6, 2009.

History & Social Studies:  Quizzes, Games, Research...

A collection of fun matching quiz games to help students learn in various subject areas, but especially Social Studies.


An incredible collection of “This Day in History” and other chronological information compiled and sorted by category.  Also contains trivia!

A variety of historical, geographic and entertainment based games at the History Channel Website.

Writing for Social Studies

Type your source into EasyBib and it will show you how to create a citation in the correct format (MLA style is free, other styles require a paid account).

EasyBib Logo

Use this simple tool to determine “how much is that worth in today’s money?”  A great tool when studying history (java required).

A database of 36,000 Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade voyages from 1514-1866.  Slaves, ship names, captains, owners and locations included.

Bridgeport History Center, Bridgeport Public Library

Located at the Main Branch of the Bridgeport Public Library, the B.H.C. is a vital source of local history, told through the eyes of our neighbors.

Bridgeport History Center, Bridgeport Public Library

This simple website allows users to draw label maps and satellite images throughout the world.

Valuable info, links and resources on maps and map-making.

A thorough and easy to follow history of many Indian Tribes, Nations & Cultures in North America.  Perfect for middle school researchers.

Iowa Warrior

This classic game is back for the 21st Century! Can you locate and arrest the infamous Carmen Sandiego based on clues from around the world?

A comprehensive guide to climate and temperature all across the world.  You may search for a location or browse by country.

A 7th Grade novel that brings the reader back to the creation of the Jamestown Colony.  Click here for a study guide.

cover_bloodontheriver_150OWL logo

The Online Writing Lab from Purdue University.  Learn good writing, research skills and formats for citing your sources. VERY useful for historical writers.

The Constitution for the 8th Grade Working Together Club.  The result of almost 30 years of PCM 8th Grade experience.  Read it, learn it, use it!

Practice your grammar to improve your writing by taking these fun quizzes.

Grammar Blast

A citation generator for multiple styles.  Simply enter your book’s ISBN number or a URL and the machine will show you the proper citation.

Your Elected Officials…


Flag of the United States of America

Official Symbols:

National Motto:  “In God We Trust”

National Animal:  Bald Eagle

National Tree:  Oak

National Flower:  Rose

National Anthem:  The Star-Spangled Banner



President of the United States

Joseph R. Biden

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Twitter:  @POTUS

Instagram:  potus


Salutation:  “Dear Mr. President:”

Vice President of the United States

Kamala D. Harris

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500


White House Contact Page

Twitter: @VP

Instagram:  kamalaharris


Salutation:“Dear Ms. Vice President:”

United States Senate (CT)

Richard Blumenthal

702 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C.  20510-0703


(202) 224-2823

Senator Blumenthal Contact Page


Salutation:“Dear Senator Blumenthal:”

United States Senate (CT)

Christopher Murphy

SD-B40A Dirksen Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C.  20510


(202) 224-4041

Senator Murphy Contact Page


Salutation:“Dear Senator Murphy:”

United States House of Representatives

                                         (CT 4th District)


Jim Himes

119 Cannon House Office Building

Washington, D.C.  20515


(202) 225-4476

Representative Himes Contact Page


Salutation:“Dear Representative Himes:”


Flag of the United States of America

Official Symbols:

Nickname:  The Constitution State

State Motto:  “Qui Transtulit Sustinet”

State Tree:  Charter Oak                 State Bird:  American Robin

State Animal:  Sperm Whale          State Flower:  Mountain Laurel

State Insect:  European Mantis       State Ship:  USS Nautilus

State Fish:  American Shad             State Shellfish:  Eastern Oyster

State Heroine:  Prudence Crandall

State Hero:  Nathan Hale               

State Song:  Yankee Doodle




Connecticut's Charter Oak Tree



Nickname:  The Park City

City Motto:  “Industria Crescimus”




Governor of the State of Connecticut

Ned Lamont

Office of the Governor, Room 202

State Capitol

210 Capitol Ave.

Hartford, CT  06106


(800) 406-1527

Salutation: “Dear Governor Lamont:”

-Lieutenant Governor: Susan Bysiewicz

-Secretary of the State:  Denise Merrill

-Attorney General:  William Tong

-Treasurer:  Shawn Wooden

-Comptroller:  Kevin Lembo

Salutation:“Dear (Office) (Last Name):”

State of Connecticut Attorney General Seal

Connecticut General Assembly

22nd Senate Distrct

Marilyn Moore

Legislative Office Building, Room 2000

Hartford, CT  06106-1591

(800) 842-1420     Website & Contact Page


23rd Senate District

Dennis Bradley

Legislative Office Building, Room 3500

Hartford, CT  06106-1591

(800) 842-1420     Website & Contact Page


Salutation:“Dear Senator (Last Name):”

124th Assembly District

Andre Baker

Legislative Office Building, Room 5008

Hartford, CT  06106-1591

(800) 842-8267      Website


126th Assembly District

Charlie L. Stallworth

Legislative Office Building, Room 4050

Hartford, CT  06106-1591

(800) 842-8267      Website


127th Assembly District

Jack Hennessy

Legislative Office Building, Room 5002

Hartford, CT  06106-1591

(800) 842-8267      Website


128th Assembly District

Christopher Rosario

Legislative Office Building, Room 5006

Hartford, CT  06106-1591

(800) 842-8267      Website


129th Assembly District

Steven Stafstrom

Legislative Office Building, Room 4000

Hartford, CT  06106-1591

(800) 842-8267      Website


130th Assembly District

Antonio Felipe

Legislative Office Building, Room 3802

Hartford, CT  06106-1591

(800) 842-8267      Website



Salutation:“Dear Representative (Last Name):”

Coat of arms or logo

Provided by the Connecticut General Assembly.  Enter your street address and learn what Federal and State districts you live in, and who represents YOU.


A national organization originally formed to help women win the right to vote.  Today they work hard to register people to vote and make their voices heard.

The Constitution calls for the people of the United States to be counted every ten years.  See what statistics the census bureau gathers.  For some quick facts, click here instead!

If you’re on one of the school Chromebooks, or simply can’t download Google Earth, this 3rd party website will let you use it online.

Mayor of the City of Bridgeport

Joseph P. Ganim

Office of the Mayor

Morton Government Center

999 Broad St.

Bridgeport, CT  06604


(203) 576-7201

Salutation:  “Dear Mayor Ganim:”

Bridgeport residents:  use this map of the city to discover your City Council District and your polling place on election day.

Bridgeport City Council

130th District

Scott Burns (D)                                              Matthew McCarthy (D)                


131st District

Denese Taylor-Moye (D)                                  Jorge Cruz Sr. (D)    


132nd District

Marcus Brown (D)                                           M. Evette Brantley (D)             


133rd District

Jeanette Herron (D)                                        Michael DeFilippo (D)           


134th District

Michelle Lyons (D)                                           Amy Marie Vizzo-Paniccia (D)                      amymarie.vizzo-                                                                                      


135th District

Mary McBride-Lee (D)                                      Rosalina Roman-Christy (D)                 Rosalina.Roman



136th District

Alfredo Castillo                                               Avelino Silva (D)            


137th District

Maria Valle (D)                                               Aidee Nieves                 


138th District

Maria Pereira (D)                                            Samia Suliman                    


139th District

Ernest Newton II (D)                                       Eneida Martinez            


Salutation:“Dear (Mr. or Ms.) (Last Name):”

-City Clerk:  Lydia Martinez (D)

           City Clerk’s Webpage


           (203) 576-7081

-Town Clerk:  Charles Clemons (D)

           Town Clerk’s Webpage



-Registrar of Voters: 

           Patricia Howard (D)     


           Linda Grace (R)


           Registrar’s Webpage     (203) 576-7281


-Probate Judge:  Paul Ganim (D)

           Attorney Paul Ganim Contact Page


-City Sheriff:

     Stephen Nelson               Wesley Matthews

     Wilfred Murphy                Michael Garrett

     Michael Moretti                Joe McLaine

Bridgeport Board of Education

Bobbi Brown, Vice-Chair                                  Jessica Martinez                    


Joseph Lombard, Secretary                              Sybil Allen                  


Joseph Sokolovic                                             Chris Taylor                


John Weldon, Chair                                         Sosimo Fabian                   


Albert Benejan


Salutation:“Dear (Mr. or Ms.) (Last Name):”

A collection of primary source material helping ourselves and future generations understand what happened on that life-changing day.

From  Following the 9/11 attacks CNN created this database for people to locate their loved ones.  It has since become a respectful memorial to those who perished.

[Gordon McCannel Aamoth Jr.]wtc.jpg

From historic newspapers to film, books to magazines, if you ever need sources for a paper or project, iConn searches ALL CT libraries and beyond.


From Tyler Junior college.  A brief, easy to follow guide to creating an excellent argument

on paper.

Unbiased reporting on American politics, including news, poll results and political cartoons.

A database of local Connecticut newspapers, searchable and designed for research!

From the Library of Congress...historic American newspapers dating back to the 1690s.

Connecticut Digital Newspaper Project

How does government work?  Politics?  Diplomacy?  Warfare?  This is the greatest compilation of simulation games this history teacher has ever seen!  Enjoy!

From the Heritage Foundation...the entire U.S. Constitution, organized, searchable, and clearly explained for modern use.  Read it!

In 1704 a group of various Indians and soldiers from New France raided the English frontier town of Deerfield, MA.  This explains a lot about life and rivalry in colonial America.

Pronounced Oh-Yay.  THE resource for Supreme Court decisions...yes, ALL of them!  If you’re doing legal and Constitutional research, this site is a must visit.


A project of the CTHumanites, the premier place to learn more about the towns and the state we call home.

“Our mission is to honor publicly the achievements of Connecticut women, preserve their stories, educate the public and inspire the continued achievements of women and girls.”

A written Constitution is the clearest sign of the sovereignty of a free people.  The Constitute Project has created a library of the Constitutions of peoples and governments across the world.

The largest library in the world, with over 160 million media in its collections. It is the main research arm of the U.S. Congress, the American people, and the home of the U.S. Copyright Office.

Library Home

Free, online homework help for students from tutors in several different fields.  A sure resource to enrich your learning.

Online Tutoring and Homework Help

Official archives of the State of Connecticut, hosted by the UConn Library and the Connecticut State Library.  It documents, preserves and shares Connecticut’s amazing history.

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So much of our class surrounds the fun history of New York City!  Thank you to History SuperFan Evie for finding this link on famous New York City Landmarks by Liberty Cruises.

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Media Literacy

Want to find out if a story, claim or image is true?  VerifyThis fact checks stories so readers can make better decisions.  You can even submit a story for them to verify!

AllSides tracks media sources to determine bias:   left, right or center.  When a news event happens they share articles from all sides so the reader can make a better decision.

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