It is the Mission of Barnum School to create a healthy and safe environment where the total school community educates all students with the skills and knowledge needed to become literate, productive, and responsible adults and citizens.

    We believe Barnum School will achieve this mission when all of our students are:

    cooperative, respectful and accepting of each other's differences

    independent, self-reliant learners who are capable of making effective decisions

    optimistic and believe in themselves and their own abilities

    challenged, engaged and having fun learning

    We also believe Barnum School will achieve this mission when all staff:

    work cooperatively to establish a safe and healthy environment

    work with children and parents to foster the belief that lack of education is not an option

    have high expectations for all students

    have a shared vision and values

    are positive role models for the entire Barnum School community

    engage parents in understanding their important role in educating their children.