• Welcome!

    Welcome to Room 1209! My name is Miss King-Sadler. I am one of the two mainstream First Grade teachers. First grade is a year filled with learning, new friendships and fun activities. Our days are filled with Literacy, new concepts in Math, Science and Social Studies.

    I am delighted to be your child's First Grade teacher. Personally, I believe that first grade will be your child's most challenging year in their entire educational career!

    Below are a few "tid-bits" about me!

    • I received my Master's in Education from the University of Bridgeport and my Sixth Year Certificate of Advanced Studies in Reading from Sacred Heart University.
    • I have been working with children all my life as I am the oldest of 7!
    • My favorite color is orange.
    • I love cooking with my students!
    • I have a pet cat.
  • First Grade Expectations...


    • Listen to and follow directions
    • Decode regular, multi-syllabic words
    • Read grade level text with fluency, accuracy, expression and understanding
    • Write stories with no less than 5 sentences
    • Print upper and lowercase letters correctly


    • Write number sentences to show addition and subtraction
    • Master addition and subtraction facts
    • Represent and identify whole numbers up to 100 as groups of tens and ones
    • Identify, name and use pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters
    • Tell time to the nearest hour
  • First Grade is filled with fun theme based activities and field trips!