Director's Message

  • Director

  • Aquaculture is a very unique and special place that has touched the lives of many people. Beginning as the Director in 2020 under a hybrid schedule as a result of COVID-19 has been quite the challenge. What has carried us through, however, is the collective positive energy and spirit of the teachers, parents, and Aquaculture community that extends well beyond the walls of 60 St. Stephen Road. What excites me the most about my new role are the real possibilities that exist for students under my direction. These possibilities include being the designer of the new Aquaculture logo, learning on a state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind floating classroom, collaborating with other students and researchers around the globe, engaging in meaningful research with real-world applications, and more yet to be conceived. It is a true honor and pleasure to serve as the Director of Aquaculture. And while I step into a fantastic program that has been successfully running for years, I will be pushing myself and the Aquaculture staff to expand, enhance, and continually improve our program. I feel very comfortable and naturally ‘at-home’ at Aquaculture and will work to ensure this welcoming nature is felt by all connected to Aqua.

    As a lifetime Fairfield resident, I have many friends and acquaintances who have connections to Aquaculture. I fell in love with science as a high school junior in my first physics class when my teacher explained the mechanics of a Foucault pendulum. I brought this passion for science to the University of Virginia, majoring in Physics with the goal of returning to the area to teach high school physics. Fairfield Warde thankfully had an opening, and I began my career teaching physics, less than four months after earning my degree. I eventually taught all levels, including AP Physics I & II, as well as UCONN ECE Physics 1201 & 1202. To enhance my teaching through a quality scientific experience, I spent the summer of 2013 doing research at the University of Virginia in the field of nano-technology and heat transfer. It was a truly unique experience I enjoy sharing with students and one I plan to facilitate for students at Aquaculture. After 11 years of teaching, I moved into an Assistant Principal role on the Fairchild Wheeler Campus. I gained a wealth of invaluable administrative experience in a new, inter-district, magnet program over the past five years. Now, as Director of Aquaculture, I am humbly confident that we will continue to provide Aquaculture students the very best of educational experiences, and I look forward to taking on the work to make that happen, every day.