• The Bridgeport Learning Center parent resource page has been developed to provide you with information about upcoming events, important resources, and a place for your to reach out and ask questions.

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    Parent Group

    The Bridgeport Learning Center Parent Group, headed by Dr. Rita Holloway and support staff, is a monthly meeting at the school where parents can come together and learn about different strategies and techniques to use with their children.  It's a great way for parents to get together and learn about each other as well as share experiences they have had with their children.  It builds a sense of community among parents and the school, which is vital to the success of all students.



    Bridgeport Public Schools - District Website

    Parent Portal - where you can access Think Central, Parent Portal for grades and attendance, Symphony Math, Lexia, and other resources.

    Boys Town - More information about the social skills curriculum we use at BLC

    Bridgeport Public Schools Parent Center Serving Bridgeport Public School Parents as a Bridge between home, school, and community and a port to visit and explore resources for personal growth.