•  Uniform Policy

    At Fairchild Wheeler, in addition to the Bridgeport Board of Education Uniform Policy (detailed in Student Code of Conduct, ), all students are required to wear lab coat (Aero School= Light Blue, BioTech School = White, InfoTech School = Navy Blue) We view our school as a place of academic business, and we require that students wear proper attire. It is our hope that consistent reinforcement of these policies at home and at school will lead to the best possible academic environment at Fairchild Wheeler.


    The mandatory school uniform includes:


    • Pants: Dress or Docker style pocketed pants worn with a belt at the waist (NO JOGGERS, LEGGINGS, JEANS)

    • Skirts, Jumpers or Skorts: Should be knee level or longer. Collared Blouses or Collared polo shirts must be worn under the jumper.

    • Shorts: Knee length or Docker style shorts must be worn with a belt. Shorts may only be worn between April 1 and November 1.

    • Shirts: Any color collared polo shirt or dress shirt (long or short sleeve). Shirts should be tucked into pants.*** see below**.

    • Sweatshirt/Sweaters: Pullover, zippered or cardigan, in solid colors, without patterns, hoods, decorations or wording.  Collared shirt must be worn under the sweater/sweatshirt.

    • Shoes/Sneakers: Shoes are strongly recommended over sneakers. In addition to shoes, white or black sneakers are permitted and appropriate every-day boots. Laces on shoes, sneakers or boots must be tied. ***see below**


    ***ALL students MALE and FEMALE can wear any solid color COLLARED shirt.  Any shirt with writing, deigns, characters or images is not permitted***

     ***sneakers can be in any color***

    If you have any questions, please contact your child’s school or the main office.