• P.T Barnum

    Phineas Taylor Barnum


                Barnum School opened its doors over a century ago, in 1892. It was named after Phineas Taylor Barnum who lived in Bridgeport, CT.  Mr. Barnum was known as an extraordinaire showman, philanthropist, and was the Mayor of Bridgeport for one-year term.  Mr. Barnum who died on April 7, 1891, donated the land for the building. Barnum School was known as the most beautiful and largest school built in the state during that era. Barnum School had three floors. The third floor housed the auditorium, the gymnasium and three classes. A devastating arson fire on the night of January 14, 1938 destroyed much of the building and the school got completely destroyed. Plans were made to rebuild the new Barnum School. The new plans which included an auditorium that could accomodate 350 students, new heating system and fireproofed were presented, but were not accepted. The new building opened in 1939, without the top floor and thus the auditorium was not built.

                  Barnum School is now in its third building continuing to educate over 750 children from the Eastside of Bridgeport in grades Preschool-Eight.  Our new facility opened in August, 2008 and is state of the art.  Our students are able to enjoy all of the amenities a school should offer.