• Welcome to kindergarten

    Kindergarten Teachers: 

    Ms. Adams - Room 106

    Mrs. Barrios - Room 102 - Bilingual

    Mrs. D'Auria - Room 101

    Mrs. Richard - Room 107

    About Kindergarten:

    Your child is in good hands. We have 69 years of kindergarten experience on our kindergarten team.  We have been working hard planning an exciting year for your child.


    We will be learning letters and sounds and how to blend them to read new words.


    Numbers to 100.  Identifying and writing numbers.  We will learn to be problem solvers and engage in math talk with our class.

    Science / Social Studies

     We have a new science curriculum, Discovery Science . We will be doing hands-on activities as we learn about our world.   We will learn to be good citizens and about our map.

    Helpful Websites: 

    Lexia core 5