• Celebrating Achievement: Adding a Personal Touch with 6th Grade Clipart


    Ms. Grogin - Room 204

    Ms. Fallon - Room 202 -Social Studies (World Georgraphy and History)

    Mrs. Foley - Room 201

    Mrs. McMurray - Room 203

    Ms. Mateo - Room 212 - Bilingual

    About 6th Grade:

    • First year of lockers 👍
    • We switch classes so you will have multiple teachers
    • We have monthly points to earn fun rewards for PBIS

    Reading and Writing:

    • It is important to read at home every day for 30 minutes 
    • If you have time to write at home about your reading or keep a daily journal


    • Practice those math facts, use flash cards and a buddy to quiz each other

    Science and Social Studies: