• M. Coble



    I am Marjorie A. Coble and I have the privilege of being Principal of the Geraldine W. Johnson School.


    I have had the honor of working with many of you and your children over the past 6 years and I look forward to extending my relationship with more families and our neighbors in the community.


    For those who know me, I have demonstrated and will continue to practice my Open Door Policy for students, staff, families, and the community.  Accessibility, acceptance, respect and integrity are fundamental principles of my leadership. When someone comes to me with a concern, they can trust  that they will be heard and every effort will be made, either through me or another entity, to resolve situations that need a resolution.


    I also want you to know, my primary goal is to ensure that Johnson School is a "SAFE SCHOOL," ensuring the care, well-being, safety, and safety of all stakeholders, and in doing so, I believe attendance, student performance, and parent involvement will improve.  Equally important is the support that teachers, students and parents can expect from me on a daily basis. Ensuring these things also emphasizes and supports everyone's social-emotional well-being. When students feel accepted, validated and celebrated, we will continue to see academic excellence. With academic training being a priority, we can guide your child towards pathways in higher education or careers. 


    As many of you already know, we have some of the greatest, committed, highly skilled and talented educators, staff and volunteers who report to work every day for the privilege of working with your children.


    I hope many of you will join our TEAM and become active members of  PAC.


    I look forward to sharing the rich experiences and relationships that will strengthen our team while serving you as its Principal.






    Marjorie A Coble