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  • In 7th grade social studies we learn about U.S. history from before Columbus until the Revolutionary War. In order to succeed in my class you need to come to class prepared every day. This means to have your homework, journal, and any supplies needed for the class that day. We read the textbook watch video clips and takes lots of notes. Sometimes you will read current events from the newspaper and will write about issues affecting you and your community. You will do projects every marking period but don't worry! I will be available to help you before and after school if needed. By the end of the year you will learn about the history of your country and will be a much better note taker and writer. Every student starts each marking period with an A average. It is your job to work hard to maintain your grades. I calculate your final grade by averaging your classwork, journal, tests, and reports. Show effort and you will get a good grade in my class.