• Bridgeport Public Schools
    Social Work Services
    (203) 275-1331


    Bridgeport Public Schools offers social work services for the students and families of Bridgeport. We provide support for a diverse student population, including but not limited to minor behavioral issues, grief & loss, familial tragedies (i.e. house fires), safety plan development, and clinical support for students with extreme psychiatric disorders.

    Services range from supports for students that are fully integrated in the general education setting to those in more restrictive placements.

    Given the diverse needs of our students, we offer a number of treatment modalities to improve overall functioning of students.

      • Push-In Services: a hands-on approach for dealing with problematic student behavior in real-time. It allows for collaboration with teachers and other classroom professionals. It also assists students with behavioral issues in their natural environment.

      • Pull-Out Services: an approach that helps students to learn the skills necessary to function in the larger classroom setting. Social Skills and behavioral management techniques are taught and reinforced. These lessons are then transferred to the larger school setting.

      • Crisis Intervention: social workers assist the school in developing, supporting, intervening and maintaining crisis plans.

      • PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support): social workers help in developing, supporting and maintaining a positive school environment.

      • Bullying: social workers assist in the prevention and intervention of bully situations.

      • Teen Pregnancy Support: each high school has a dedicated social worker that supports pregnant teens with services and supports. There is also a teen father parenting group available.