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  • 2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR

    Register for September (2023-2024 Academic Year)

    Inscripción para Septiembre (Año Escolar 2023-2024)

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    Opening March 1, 2024: 2024-2025 SCHOOL YEAR

    Register for September (2024-2025 Academic Year)

    Inscripción para Septiembre (Año Escolar 2024-2025)

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    • Attention!! 

    (1) You DO NOT need to complete the Online Registration if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

    • Your child is currently enrolled in a Bridgeport Public School (excluding Charter Schools that may be in Bridgeport).
    • Your child is transferring to another school within the Bridgeport Public School District (excluding Charter Schools that may be in Bridgeport). Please contact the school directly for further instructions. 

    (2) To expedite the enrollment process, we highly recommend that you upload the required documents for admission prior to submitting your online registration. 

    (3) If you are experiencing a lack of permanent housing please contact your Zoned School to discuss your options after completing the Online Registration. 

    (4)  Registration Update: 

    • In accordance with Section 1 of PA 23-208, which amends Section 10-15c of the Connecticut General Statutes effective July 1, 2023:
      • Beginning the 2024-2025 school year, children need to turn 5 years old on or before September 1 in order to be automatically eligible for kindergarten. 
      • This is a change from the current kindergarten cutoff date of January 1. If a child does not meet the new entry cutoff date, they may still be admitted to kindergarten upon written request from the parent or guardian, and an assessment is administered.
      • Children must turn three on or before September 1st 2024 in order to be eligible for PK3.
      • Children must turn four years old on or before January 1st, 2025 in order to be eligible for PK4. 

    (5) Pre-School Registration Requirements: 

    The checklist items listed below are required and must be uploaded online or hard copies must be brought to the school.  If a required item is missing, your registration is incomplete. 

      • Original Birth Certificate with Raised Seal (full page) or Passport 
        • Guardian Papers if applicable.  Foster parents, please contact your DCF worker. 
      • Two proofs of Residency
        • Parent/Guardian Driver’s License or State ID with current address
        • Recent utility bill, UI , GAS, WATER, or CABLE ( no more than one month old)
        • Lease or notarized letter stating that you are currently living at that address 
      • Health Assessment Record ( Annual Physical Form) - you can obtain this form from your child’s doctor or we can provide you with one to submit to your doctor. 
        • Part I: Medical History and Part II: Medical Evaluation and Immunization Records 

                    Preschool children must receive their flu shot by January 2nd, 2025. 

      • Proof of Income
        • Four recent pay stubs for both parents
        • Unemployment benefits form ( all pages)
        • Social Security Income Sheet ( all pages)
        • DCF Subsidy Form 
        • State Assistance Benefit Letter (DSS Budget Form) ( all pages and if you are currently working four recent pay stubs) 
        • 2023 Income Tax Return 
        • Family Size ( number of adults and number of children) 
        • Health Insurance Type ( public, private or other)

  • If you require assistance with using the Online Registration:

    Registration Helpline: (203) 275-1091
    Registration E-mail: registrationhelp@bridgeportedu.net
    For interpretation & translation services: contact our Bilingual Dept. at (203) 275-1340.

    If you need assistance with completing the Online Registration, you may connect with us through our PowerSchool Community by web or chat for immediate access to our support experts. You can also call us on PowerSchool Enrollment (InfoSnap) Support Line, toll free at (866) 434-6276 or email us at support@registration.com”.