• Speech and Language Services

    The central role of the speech‐language pathologist (SLP) in Bridgeport Public Schools is to facilitate the development of effective and efficient communication skills so that students may successfully participate as fully as possible in the educational, social, and vocational interactions that commonly occur within their formal learning environments. As delineated in the American Speech Language Hearing Association’s (ASHA) Scope of Practice in Speech Language Pathology, SLPs have the clinical training to provide services across all grade levels to students exhibiting the full range of communication disorders including those involving language, speech sound disorders, fluency, voice/resonance and swallowing involving myriad of etiologies. As an essential member of their school communities the SLP works in sync with school based teams in the best practices of prevention, identification, assessment evaluation, eligibility, determinations, intervention, program design, data collection and analysis and compliance.

    Speech‐language services is an itinerant program where speech language pathologists travel among schools and community based settings not only to meet the needs of students with disabilities but to actively collaborate with colleagues having specific skill sets, expertise, and specialized training to support students who struggle in learning environments and at risk for school failure.

    Speech –language services are designed and delivered in a variety of ways across multiple settings to best meet the individual student’s needs. Decisions regarding particular service delivery models are based on a variety of factors including the type and severity of the weakness, its impact on the student’s ability to access the curriculum and or effectively navigate through meaningful social interactions, and integration of services with educational experiences. Speech language pathologists within their school communities strive to provide culturally competent services that are:

    Curriculum based

    Outcome oriented

    Integrated with educational activities

    Diagnostic in nature, dynamic and changing as the students need change

    Evidence based

    Design to ensure access to the general education curriculum
    As certified licensed communication professionals, Bridgeport Public Schools Speech language pathologists work as partners committed to achieving communicative excellence by inspiring, motivating, and cultivating students to become active listeners, articulate speakers, avid readers and proficient writers.
    Speech Language Hearing Department

    The SLH Department is comprised of the following professionals

    25 Speech Language Pathologists
    2 Special Education Resource Teachers
    3 Teachers of the Deaf
    2 ASL Interpreters
    2 Sign language paraprofessionals

    The Hearing Impaired Program

    Educational Services for students who are deaf and/hard of hearing begin at birth and continue through secondary school or through age 21. Bridgeport Public schools provides a continuum of services that is available to all students. Instructional models of services range from iterant services delivered within the neighborhood schools to a centralized site based model of comprehensive services based on transitional practices. The communication modalities used to support deaf and hard of hearing students are total communication, ASL, Signed English, and Auditory/ verbal.

    Websites Links:

    American Speech‐language hearing Association /ASHA - www.asha.org

    Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing - www.agbell.org