• School Delay/Cancellations

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    School Delays / Early Dismissals / Cancellations
    Thank you for your continued support of the BMA family. As we enter this upcoming winter season, we must anticipate interruptions in the normal operating schedules.
    As we have shared with all, the Bridgeport Military Academy is operated by the Bridgeport School District and therefore, complies with the district’s decisions concerning school delays, cancellations and early dismissals. All information regarding the aforementioned is communicated to all, using the commonly utilized TV and radio stations. Please take note that all of the following statements reflect the safety and concern for students.
    School Delays:
    • If the Bridgeport School District issues a delay, ALL transportation will operate at that delayed time, typically 90 minutes.
    •  If Bridgeport DOES NOT have a delay and other districts do, transportation will NOT be provided for those districts that have a delay because of student safety concerns.
    School Cancelations:
    • If your school district has cancelled school for weather-related reasons, Bridgeport transportation will NOT be dispatched to pick up students from your district for, again, for student safety concerns.
    • If your school district has cancelled school and Bridgeport Public Schools are in session, and you choose to bring your child to school, that will be your decision. Based on that, it will be your responsibility to provide return transportation at the close of the school day.
    Early Dismissal:
    • Should weather conditions deteriorate during the course of the morning and the Bridgeport School District declares an early dismissal, bus transportation back to your district WILL be provided. Students will be dropped off at their local neighborhood stops.
    • If your district has an early dismissal and Bridgeport Public Schools does not, transportation will be provided at normal dismissal time at 2:10pm and students will be dropped off at the local neighborhood stops.
    Attendance/Academic Impact:
    • If transportation is not provided by the Bridgeport School District to our suburban districts, then all students not in attendance will be given an excused absence for the day. However, students will be responsible for contacting their teachers via email to find out the assignments/work missed due to this absence.
    • Our expectation is that when your child returns, he/she will be at the same academic place as all other students. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent a student from contacting their teachers, these will be handled by the school principal on a case by case basis.
    Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the BMA main office.