Bridgeport Military Academy offers students the opportunity to experience their secondary education in a challenging environment with an emphasis on excellence in academics while also exploring careers in public safety.  


    Through partnerships with Fire, Police, Homeland Security, Military Services and other public safety departments, students are provided real-world, hands-on opportunities to get trained and certified in such areas as CPR, First Aid, FEMA courses, 911 Communications, and be offered physical training, community volunteer opportunities, and internship programs.  


    Courses will require students to take an active role in hands-on activities, be critical thinkers, effective communicators, and disciplined in their daily behavior. This will allow the development of an understanding of the "rank structure" that is required in these career fields. Cadets will be prepared for these and other careers and higher education opportunities.



    To instruct and inspire students to develop a strong commitment to "service to others above self” within their school, family, and community while preparing academically for leadership roles and professional careers throughout the world.