Task Force Mission Statement

  • Background

    The district has launched planning for the Fall 2020 re-opening of school. We are dealing with two different issues. We know teaching and learning will be in full swing this fall, however, we do not know the format for that teaching and learning based on health guidelines and restrictions. Will we be back to school as normal, or blending in-school delivery with distance learning, or continuing in full-on distance learning? Even with many unknowns, it is vital we begin analyzing options and planning for several possible educational approaches in the 2020-21 school year and that we share our process with you.

    This memo describes the aspects of the planning process. All families and staff need to know the essential criteria and guidelines that will govern the planning process and decisions about the format and delivery of education this fall.

    Purpose of the Planning Process

    We have set a clear purpose for planning: prepare and implement plans for the 2020-21 school year that ensure healthy, safe and effective teaching and learning for all students, and ensure all staff are working in healthy and safe environments.