• Grade Four Supply List 


    Uniform sweater or fleece  

    Completed summer work packets. Know your multiplication tables! Read for pleasure daily. 

    Red plastic pocket folder for homework 

    Headphones with name, no Bluetooth

    Two-subject notebook with plastic cover for Math/Science 

    One-inch blue binder filled with lined paper for SS/ELA 

    Ream of white printer paper (standard letter size) 

    Pencil holder with zipper pouch 

    Individual pencil sharpener

    Colored pencils

    Two dozen yellow, number two pencils. No mechanical pencils.

    Four glue sticks 

    Individual small travel tissue pack for desk                                 

    Paper towels   

    Tissue box                        

    Quart storage bags and gallon storage bags                     

    Antibacterial hand soap for class  

    Hand sanitizer        

    Disinfectant wipes          

    For Art Class: Pencil pouch with pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener (Students can just bring classroom pencil pouch with them to art.)

    For Music Class: Yellow plastic folder (Write “Music,” student name, homeroom teacher name on front) 

    For Writing Class: a two-pocket folder with prongs (paper fasteners)