• Pre-K Three-Year-Old Supply List 


    Velcro Shoes/Sneakers (no shoelaces) 

    Elastic Waist Pants/Skirts (no belts or buttons) 

    Water Bottle

    Uniform sweater or fleece 

    Backpackbig enough to fit a full-sized folder 

    Small blanket for rest (no pillows). This must be taken home weekly to be cleaned. 

    Complete change of clothes to be kept at school. Please include a pair of shoes in case child has an accident and shoes become wet. 

    Daily healthy snack and bottle of water 

    Art Smock: You can use an oversized t-shirt. 

    Roll of paper towels 

    Box of tissues 

    Baby wipes 

    Hand sanitizer 

    Disinfectant wipes