• My name is Ms. Nicole Melendez and I am the 8th Grade Reading and Language Arts Teacher at High Horizons.  I currently teach reading and writing to all the students in grade 8.  I love to read personally and hope that each of my students will love it as much as I do.  I was formerly a reading interventionist at HHM 6 years ago. I have been teaching English for the Caribe SAT prep program for over 5 years. 

    This year students will read at least 3 novels as a class along with short stories, articles and other nonfiction materials.  It is the goal of the district, and mine as well, that all my students become active and proficient readers and writers. 

    We are writing across the curriculum with a concentration on argumentative writing and there will be a poetry unit of study during the 3rd marking period.  Students keep writing journals and are free to write to express themselves.  We will also explore the use of journals to record ideas for writing in the future.

    All students and parents have access to PowerSchool and I update grades frequently.  I offer extra credit and allow make-up work to keep students motivated and in charge of their progress academically.

    I am enjoying my work at High Horizons and with an appointment I invite you to visit my classroom and join us!  We welcome visitors and are eager to share our learning with you.

    All students are asked to bring three marble composition notebooks as their supplies for the school year.