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    In the art room at High Horizons Magnet School we explore various medias with an emphaisis on drawing, painting and ceramics. The students also learn about various artists and art movements throughout history.

    The children are encouraged to explore and express their feelings about artwork. They develop thinking and verbal skills with discussion. Through the study of art and artists students gain an understanding of different cultures and historical periods.  

    Throughout the year, the students study a variety of media from clay to fiber arts. Students create two and three dimensional works of art. They draw, paint, make prints, construct and use clay. They use imagination and original ideas. Group projects show students how to exchange ideas and work collaboratively.

    The students explore the works of many artists, poets and writers to inspire their imagination. Each student is encouraged not only to draw, but also to include writing with their art work in order to learn how pictures and words can express feelings and creative ideas.