The RULER program helps student recognize, understand and express emotion appropriately.

    What is RULER?

    The RULER program "teaches the skills of emotional intelligence - those associated with recognizing, understanding, labeling, expressing and regulation emotion. Decades of research shows that these skills are essential to effective teaching and learning, sound decision making, physical and mental health and success in school and beyond." 

    Evidence shows that schools that incorporate the RULER program: see a positive shift in school climate, experience enhanced academic achievement, report better quality relationships and experience less bullying and/or aggressive behaviors.

    RULER principles and tools are embedded into school and district policies and practices, including mission statements, curricula, staff/faculty professional development, school improvement plans, discipline policies, and behavioral support plans. By including all staff, faculty, administrators, students, and families, RULER becomes a normal part of everyday life at your school, not an add-on that is likely to fade away with time.

    Components of RULER

    Classroom Charter 

    Each year, each class creates their own classroom charter. 

    It consists of how children want to feel in their classrooms and how they will have those feelings consistently.

    Here's a past example: 

    All classrooms create a charter to describe how they want to feel at school.

    The Mood Meter

    Students are able to plot themselves on the mood meter in order to express how they're feeling

    The Mood  Meter - how are you feeling?  


    Students learn how to "press the pause button" before they respond to a trigger.

    Take a moment before you react to something that has triggered you.


    The Blueprint is a problem-solving tool to help students deal with conflict.

    The blueprint teaches students how to solve problems.