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    STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES Students have the responsibility to conduct themselves in a responsible, mature manner in the school and around the campus, which will promote an educational climate free from interference and interruptions. Student's responsibilities are to: 1. Be informed of and adhere to this Code and other rules and policies established by the Board, school authorities, administrators, and teachers. 2. Respect the rights of fellow students, as well as teachers, administrators, other school personnel, and school guests. 3. Respect the educational process and learning environment by refraining from tardiness, truancy, and unexcused absences and by full participation in the academic life of the school. 4. Behave in a responsible and reasonable manner while in attendance at all school or school-related functions held on or off school grounds. 5. Be prepared for class and prepared to complete assignments and make-up work on time. 6. Initiate and inquire of the appropriate teacher as to when and how class work and examinations, 'missed during absences, can be completed.