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    SCHOOL RESPONSIBILITIES School administrators and teachers have the responsibility to: 1. Be informed of state law, school rules, and policies set forth in the Code of Discipline. 2. Inform students and parents of their rights under the Code of Discipline. 3. Maintain discipline in the school in a fair, consistent, and equitable manner. 4. Conduct the disciplinary hearings and conferences in an impartial, objective, and professional manner. 5. Attempt to resolve disciplinary problems by every reasonable means short of exclusion from school and reach non-punitive, productive solutions to problems of student conduct. 6. Encourage parental participation, cooperation, and communication with the school. 7. Provide students through reminders, homework, notices, and availability the opportunity to complete any class work, including examinations, missed because of absences. 8. Utilize the services of special personnel, guidance counselors, and community agencies to assist with discipline problems.