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OUR Tribute to ATTACk on AMERICA

  • POEMS BY OUR GREAT KIDS OUR Tribute to ATTACk on AMERICA I Wonder Will we still be the same quiet and tame. Will we still know each other, And stick up for one another. Will the grass still be green, Looking like in their teens. Will we still be living,Or will we be dying. Will we be able to fly,And soar in the sky. Will we be tight with our parents, And listen to what they say is right. Will there still be stars, And will we be able to live on Mars. NOBODY KNOWS! BY J. Howell Room 206 PRAYER God bless those who did not make it, on this tragic day of September 11,2001. It's a very sad and depressing day, because these people did not know, What was to come, And helpless trapped in two building, Where the planes crash into them, And made them fall down. May these people be blessed, Wherever they are. May God keep them, guide them, And protected them. Our prayer will go out to all Amen... By C. Ocasie Room 206

We do not Understand

  • WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND... JOY - until we face sorrow FAITH - until it is tested PEACE - until faced with conflict TRUST - until we are betrayed LOVE - until it is lost HOPE - until confronted with doubts Author Unknown