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    Our entire school family was preparing for our important celebration, the cold weather did not affect our happiness and honor that day. Teachers, students and parents alike waited anxiously for our special guests Senator Joseph Liberman, Superintendent John J. Ramos, and Mr. Hector Sanchez.
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    Our Principal Senora Marina Perez Taverner proudly welcomed all of our guests, parents, teachers and students to the wonderful ceremony.

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    We all listened attentively as Senator Joseph Liberman and Superintendent John J. Ramos paid tribute to our wonderful school.  Senator Joseph Liberman even said Multicultural Magnet School was "hot".
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    Mr. Maximo Medina Jr., Mrs. Sauda Baraka, as well as Mr. John Olson representing the Bridgeport Board of Education, joined by a former parent Dennis Holley were present to pay tribute to our school and join in the celebration.  Mr. Hector Sanchez our former principal, joined Superintendent John J. Ramos and Senator Joseph Liberman for the ceremony.  Mrs. Sauda Baraka was also a former Multicultural Magnet parent, so it was very special to have her at the ceremony not only as an elected official from the Bridgeport Board of Education but as a former parent as well.
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    Two of our students served as mistress and master of ceremonies which made the celebration more their own because after all this celebration belonged to all of our Multicultural Magnet family, as well as our Bridgeport Public Schools family.

    It was an emotional ceremony for Mrs. Marleni Burns, our current Social Studies teacher for grades 6-8, who was a member of the original planning committee which initiated our school. Mrs. Burns has been a teacher at our school for over 25 years. 

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    The beautiful National Blue Ribbon Flag can be seen in the background of this picture as Senora Marina Perez Taverner introduces our students who sang "We are the World" and recited the "One World Creed", as they waved their "One World" flags. This was a moving moment for all, but especially for Senora Perez, who encouraged and prepared our students to sing this special song, and display the beautiful "One World" flags.  At the end of the ceremony, the children joined Mrs. Conroy in singing the "Rainbow" song.
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    Our students proudly hold our "Celebrate Diversity" banner as they hold their "One World" flags.
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    Our students entertained the crowd with their lively parade of flags representing the different countries of the world, much like our Multicultural family.