•              Mrs. Monica Tarnowski

                                              Multicultural Magnet School

                                             6th Grade Literacy and Math







    We are in the middle of the third marking period of 6th grade and I want to update you on a few curriculum items as well as remind you of some things that were discussed back in September at the Open House.

    To begin with, our Math students (6A and 6B) are working on a unit on algebraic expressions. This is their first exposure to pre-algebra and as such, they will need to review and practice in order to be successful. Please be sure to check with your child regarding homework during this marking period so they do not fall behind. If you feel they are having trouble, please encourage them to speak to me about it.

    Our reading classes (6A and 6B) are working on a unit on research projects. They have been taught all the steps needed to write a successful research report and have completed a first “mini” report. They are currently working on their Egyptian projects, which is part of their Social Studies and Reading grade for the next marking period. Please be sure to ask your child about this project and have him/her show you the timeline they are using to be sure they are on track. This project has several components including a written report, oral presentation and diorama. If you have questions about any part of it, please speak to Mrs. Burns or me.

    Middle school students are expected to read and write on a more deeply developed level, and they must have time to read at home in a quiet environment. They should read at least 20 minutes a night. They should be applying reading strategies we use every day in class, including predicting, questioning, summarizing and reflecting. These strategies are used not only in Reading class, but in Science, Social Studies and Math as well. As a Middle School student, your child should also be developing independence and time management skills. Planning for long term projects is part of this, but you should still check in with him regarding assignments every few days.

    Finally, please be sure to look at your child’s Power School grades at least once a week with him or her. This will allow you to see any missing work or low grades you might not have been aware of. As always, please contact me if you have any questions about your child’s grades or work.

    Mrs. Tarnowski