• Hello parents and students,

    My name is Sra. Pretelt and I will be the Spanish teacher for grades 4-8.  This year we have the opportunity to work together and build a strong relationship that consists of communication, comprehension, and collaboration.  I look forward to collaborating with you and reaching our fullest potential.  My expectations are that the students, the parents, as well as I ensure that your child have a fruitful learning experience in Spanish class.  Any questions at all please feel free to email me at mpretelt@bridgeportedu.net    Below I have listed some important guidelines for the 2016-2017 academic year. It is my hope that these guidelines will help us achieve our goal.  Thank you very much.

    Rules to follow :

    1.        Come prepared with any necessary materials, such as, textbook, notebook, writing utensils, homework, etc.

    2.        No cell phones or MP3 players are allowed (Please refer to school policy).

    4.        Respect each other's property.

    5.        Be courteous to others.


    ·         Any disruptions in the classroom I will address with a verbal warning.

    ·          The second violation I will contact the parent.

    ·         The third violation will result in the removal of the classroom and a referral to the principal.


    Grading Policy

    I have a point system in place for grading.  A maximum of 10 points can be achieved per homework assignment.  Fifty points can be achieved per quiz.  One hundred points can be achieved per exam or projects.

    Homework Policy

    Homework 1 day late can only achieve 5 out of 10.  Anything more than 2 days late will not be accepted and will be counted as a missed homework assignment. 

    Also, homework assignments can be collected randomly and graded as a quiz. So be prepared.  

    Extra Help Policy

    If extra help is needed, the student should approach me and I will be more than willing to plan an appropriate time to meet.