The third term of third grade is almost complete.  We are entering our last quarter and still have much to do.

    As parents you are the first and main teacher in your child’s life.  A child learns by example, exposure, modeling and teaching.  


    As the circle of education continues to evolve with the inclusion of Common Core in our classrooms we see the need to refocus curriculum strategies in compliance with the new standards.  All testing will be computer based.


    In order to comply with these new standards students will continue to practice and write five paragraph Expository and Persuasive essays.  As well as practicing Narrative Creative Writing and Personal Narratives. Students will read more non-fiction text using the “Close Reading” strategy in order to improve comprehension. 

    In Math students will have to apply their math knowledge to real world problem solving.  This is why it is imperative that all students have mastered the memorization of the multiplication facts.  For the rest of the school year we will be focusing on Problem Solving, Elapsed Time, Geometry, Fractions, Equivalent Fractions, and Standard and Metric Units of Measurement.


    Testing schedule and dates will be sent home as soon as they are finalized.  Remember this is a practice year.  Help your third grader by making sure that he/she comes to school well rested and ready to do their best.


    We have planned trips to the Audubon and to the Blue Fish Game and hoping to also schedule a visit to the Maritine Aquarium in Norwalk.


    Mrs. Papp

    Grade 3