• Bridgeport Public Schools

    December 9, 2020

    Dear BPS Families,

    As we continue remote learning, I want to thank everyone for their patience during our break from in-person teaching and learning. We have planned to transition back to in-person learning starting in January.  We made the difficult decision to go to fully remote before Thanksgiving in order to maintain the health and safety of our students and staff. It is now time to prepare our return to in person teaching and learning so we can provide the necessary support for our students. In order to maintain consistent and meaningful delivery of instruction to all students, parents will again have the option to change from remote learning to in-person learning at this time. All parents who chose remote learning for their children and would now like them to return to in-person learning, must contact their school administration prior to December 18, 2020.  Parents of in person learners do not need to notify the school. We will resume in- person classes using the following schedule:

    January 11, 2021 

    • All PreK and Kindergarten students will return to full-time in-person.
    • Grades 1 through Grade 8 will return to the Hybrid Schedule, unless in person class size is less than 14 students. This will vary by school and class.
    • Grade 9 through Grade 12 return to the Hybrid Schedule.

    *All Special Education/504/EL’s will continue to have the option of attending 4 days a week if class size allows

    We look forward to welcoming our students back into our schools. Please know that we will continue to make every effort to accommodate the needs of all our families while maintaining the highest health and safety standards within our schools.



    Michael J. Testani